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Our New Look. Why?

We settled on a niche.

January 19, 2024 | Blog

Since we started Creative Pandas in October, we've just been targetting all kinds of industries and as a business owner, it's been hard to not know who your target is. We literally targetted all industries during our first few months - this was a mistake. We were under the impression that what we can do was applicable to all - which is kind of true - but aiming for everything doesn't really get you anywhere especially since we just started.

During the holidays we started to think about what industry we really wanted to target and how we could focus all our energy on making sure that we do it right. Finally, before 2024 stepped in, we decided. If you haven't guessed it yet, we decided that our niche would be to offer and assist the digital presence of the Wedding Industry.

We have a lot of reasons but these are the top 3:

  • We love, LOVE. Who doesn't right? We love to tell stories and what's a better story to tell than a love story.
  • Wedding vendors make sure that a wedding day is as perfect and memorable as possible. They do their thing to help but who helps these wedding vendors? We want to be it.
  • Our first 2 clients as Creative Pandas (officially) are wedding vendors and we enjoyed every second of working with them. If you haven't read what we've done for them yet, you can read them here: Frosted Pumpkin, I Chews You.

We also dialed down our services. We realized that it can be overwhelming to read and see all those details. With each service, you will find what we do and our past/present clients that use those services. To summarize them again, we do:

  • Branding - designing your story
  • Web Design - an innovative and visually pleasing digital presence
  • Social Media - driving customer engagement
  • SEO - data-driven results
  • Video & Graphics Design - taking your brand to the next level

So, we hope to be welcomed to the wedding industry with open arms. We've been working on a couple ways to start helping wedding vendors with their digital presence. We recently launched a short survey on the importance of a wedding vendor's digital presence to a couple's decision making process when they plan their wedding and we've gotten really good insights and results from that survey alone. We'll be releasing these data piece by piece in our blog during the coming months; so watch out for those!

Our plans for the future are clearer now and our initiatives will be targetted at helping wedding vendors with their digital presence. You'll our initiatives in our blog or social media pages moving forward. Here are some them:

  • Every other month, we'll be featuring a Wedding Vendor and they'll be giving tips on how they run their business.
  • We'll be launching more surveys for brides/grooms to answer to help wedding vendors with their business and digital presence.
  • We'll also be featuring brides & grooms (anonymously) as they share their happy, sad and bridezilla/groomzilla moments during their wedding. At the same time, they'll talk about their vendors - what they liked, didn't like and feedback for improvements.

If you want to be a featured Wedding Vendor, Bride or Groom, just fill out our contact form and we'd be very grateful to have you.

That's it for now. Watch out for our upcoming blogs!