Bambam Burger. Burger. Mini burgers. Sliders.


Bambam Burger offers juicy and delicious mini burgers for events like birthdays and more! Located in the heart of Manila, this small business specializes in crafting delicious bite-sized wonders that elevate any event to extraordinary heights. From events and gatherings to celebrations, BamBam Burger's mini burgers add a burst of flavor and fun to every occasion. With innovative Frozen Mini Burgers that allow customers to bring the savory experience home, BamBam Burger is dedicated to making events better, one mini burger at a time.


Creative Pandas was hired to design Bambam Burger's logo that they use for all their collaterals and packaging.


Logo design. Collateral Design.
We crafted a straightforward logo design featuring a simple burger icon alongside a wordmark. This design ensures easy integration into packaging, flyers, and signs with a clean and uncomplicated layout.


Logo Variations

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