Aster goes on a trip down memory lane as she goes back to her old school for a class reunion and reminisces about her past with her lover, Violet. The perspective of a lesbian couple and how their upbringing has affected their sense of self.


Creative Pandas partners with Multimedia Arts students in the Philippines to help them share their portfolio and gain experience with live clients.

We call them our "Baby Pandas". Ligaya was the project of our Baby Pandas.


Film Direction, Poster Design, Sound Production, Script Writing.

A cinematic journey with our comprehensive film services. Our Baby Pandas, the team behind this, ensures every aspect of your film, from direction to design, sound, and script, is crafted to captivate and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Full Film

Ligaya Film Poster


Ligaya Poster


Ligaya won the following awards during the IKLIKULA BMMA Short Film Festival in 2022

Ligaya short film awards: Best Story, Best Poster, Best Art Direction, Best Score, Best Sound and Best Actress

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