Raise Your Self. Film Festival.


A multimedia exhibit that took place at Asia Pacific College and the Mall of Asia. The objective of this exhibit was to highlight the concepts of gender, sexuality, and self-identity. The exhibit featured an array of creative works, including a diverse selection of short films and animated shorts.


Creative Pandas partners with Multimedia Arts students in the Philippines to help them share their portfolio and gain experience with live clients. We call them our "Baby Pandas".

Raise Your Self was the project of our Baby Pandas.


Collateral Design
Posters and artworks for a local film exhibit in Manila, Philippines, showcasing a diverse selection of short films and animated shorts. This included exhibit posters, teaser launch graphics, film line-up, team ID's, and exhibit tickets.

Collateral Design


Film Posters

Teasers & Line-up

Teaser Launch. Film. Animated Films Teaser Launch.
Day 1 Film Line Up.
Film. Teaser launch. Featured Short Films Teaser Launch.
Day 2 Film Line Up.

ID and Tickets


Raise Your Self Team ID

ID design.

Raise Your Self Ticket

Ticket design. Film festival ticket.

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