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Frosted Pumpkin


Frosted Pumpkin is one of Atlanta's leading premier wedding cake baker. They are a family-owned business for more than 30 years, fueled by their love, creativity, and commitment to family. Finally realizing their niche, Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet became Frosted Pumpkin Wedding Cakes; and at just the right timing like weddings, Jeff & Karyn decided to rebrand their company, from a new logo to a website facelift, all set to embrace the joy of 2024 with open arms!

Their mission is "to make meaningful bonds and unforgettable experiences with our clients through our delectable creations."


Creative Pandas was hired by Frosted Pumpkin to align their brand with their mission. From giving their logo a new look to developing their new website from Squarespace to WordPress. Creative Pandas now also manages Frosted Pumpkin's social pages and blog posts.

old home page

old flavors & pricing page


Rebrand. Website Design. Web Development. Social Media. SEO.
Rebrand the old logo to a newer look but still elegant and classy. Creation of branding guidelines including: mission & vision, voice (persona, tone, language, purpose), logo variations, logo mockups, letterhead design, typography and color scheme.

Redesign of the old website to match their rebrand. Rebuild the website from the ground up - transferring to WordPress from Squarespace.

Assist in Social Media pages (Facebook & Instagram) by posting on a weekly basis, enable cross-posting and schedule automation of posts.

Build on SEO, their old one had none whatsoever; creation of a blog page and weekly content creation for blogs shared on Facebook. Integration of Google Analytics for tracking of events and results.


Branding Guidelines

Website Redesign & Development (WordPress)


Redesigned Home Page

Redesigned Flavores & Pricing Page

Social Media


Frosted Pumpkin Facebook Page

Frosted Pumpkin Instagram Profile


Social Media Results
Since Creative Pandas took over Frosted Pumpkin's social media pages last December 2023...

Facebook Reach went up 200%; from 99 in November to 333 today & Instagram Reach went up 148.4%; from 355 in November to 1,036 today. Facebook Page visits went up 154.2%; from 58 in November to 183 today. Instagram Profile visits went up 30.6%; from 170 in November to 273 today.

November Social Media Analytics

December Social Media Analytics

Facebook Post reach went up 72.3% from 184 to 317. Engagement went up 966.7%; from 9 to 96.

Facebook Reach & Engagement

Instagram Post reach went up 65.5% from 773 to 1,300. Engagement went up 372.9%; from 85 to 402.

Instagram Reach & Engagement

04.1 - RESULTS

SEO Results
Since Creative Pandas added SEO elements to Frosted Pumpkin's website, we've been able to track users, traffic, events and demographics which are used for the enhancement and improvement of their marketing materials, campaigns and websites.

Frosted Pumpkin's Google Analytics Overview

Frosted Pumpkin's Traffic Acquistion Summary

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atato Custody


Established in 2018, Atato initially served as a blockchain builder, assisting conglomerates in integrating blockchain tools into their business operations. Over time, the company expanded its reach, collaborating with numerous financial institutions and regulators. This journey culminated in the creation of Atato's own crypto custody platform, designed to cater to the diverse needs of Web3 users.


Creative Pandas was hired to convert hard-coded elements to an Elementor-accepted layout as well as update the website according to the needs of the clients.


Website Maintenance, Technical SEO, Elementor Assistance. Graphic Design.
Ensure a seamless website with Maintenance, improve rankings with Technical SEO, and unlock design potential with Elementor Assistance.

Graphic Design for Atato aMPC Product architecture

Atato aMPC Product architecture

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