67.2% of Couples Look for Wedding Vendors via Social Media

Over 50% on one specific platform!

January 24, 2024 | Research & Data, Trends, Tips


We recently did a survey on how important a wedding vendors' digital presence is to a couple's decision-making process as they plan their wedding. We were able to get tons of insights and data that we'll be sharing over the next few weeks so wedding vendors can improve their digital presence.

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To give an overview of the demographics of our survey, we've segregated them into their age group and the year they got married.

Majority of our respondents are 25 to 30 years old.

Survey Report: Age Group
Age Group

Most of our survey respondents are getting married this year, 2024, and in the future.

Survey Results: Year of Wedding
Year of Wedding

Results: 67.2% of couples look for wedding vendors via social media

Based on the results of our survey, we've found that couples prefer to look for their wedding vendors on Social Media platforms - amounting to 67.2% of our respondents. While 44.3% use Google Search, 42.6% count on friend referrals and 24.6% from Bridal Fairs.

Survey Results: Where couples find their wedding vendors
Where couples find their wedding vendors

We did our research, and according to a report for RivalMind, social media platforms play a huge role in the wedding planning process. Newly engaged couples prefer to scour social media platforms for responsive vendors that show beautiful visuals and regularly updated profiles.

Based on the insights and data from our survey, 52.3% of our respondents (that's more than half!) prefer to look for wedding vendors on Instagram over any other social media platform.

Survey Results: Social Media Preference
Social Media Preference

The report makes sense since of all the social media platforms, Instagram is the platform that shows more visually appealing photos and reels that somehow spark imagination to couples who are planning their wedding. Being able to see reels of how a vendor does their work is crucial to their decision making process.

How to Take Advantage

What does this mean for your brand and how can you take advantage of these results? It's easier said than done, right; here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Using #hashtags that are relevant and popular
    Do a quick research to check on what #hashtags are popular in your industry then combine them with the #hashtags that are relevant to the services you provide.
  2. Share images and reels regularly and consistently
    Post meaningful content that relate to the services that you provide. If you are able to take photos of the actual wedding, make use of it on Instagram to showcase your offers.
  3. Make use of captions
    Use captions to say something meaningful and to tag other vendors who helped make that certain wedding a memorable success. Help each other out by giving credit!
  4. Setup FAQs automation on Instagram messaging
    To make sure that your account responds even when you're not online, you can set up an FAQ automation on Instagram and Facebook. Just take note of what couples usually ask you and provide them with answers that are automated when they click on the question. Click to setup automated messages on Instagram and Facebook.
  5. Update your profile to have relevant details
    Setup your profile in a way that the couple already knows what you do when they first see it. It's also better to add a link to your website on here, since that's the next thing they'll check once they decide that they want you to be part of their memorable day.

These are just a couple of tips to help you leverage our survey results for your brand. If you need help doing a deeper dive on Social Media Management, let's talk and make a plan! You can also check out our Social Media Services for any help that we can provide.

*This is a shortened version with partial results of our Survey: Wedding Vendor Digital Presence Report. The detailed version will be released by the 1st week of March.